The last couple of weeks have been wonderful. Now we are facing mild weather and the snow is melting and getting dirty. I mourn the beautiful sunny sparkly winter days, but I would not mourn if this was actually the end of winter. I long for spring and light.

How was your weekend? Mine was fine. The weather was dull so I didn’t get to take any new photos for our tree project this week, the theme being backlight. Difficult when there is no light. So I will have to put up old photos this week. Next week we will have a very cool and very creative theme coming up. You will find out what it is on Thursday when Jen and I present this week’s photos.

On Saturday I did my volunteer work at the cat shelter. Adorable kitties – they always melt my heart. They are like medicine to a tired soul. I always feel revived when I leave, so fulfilled of their cuteness and peculiarities and mischief. Charming creatures to say the least! <3

Tomorrow morning I will leave the car to get it fixed after my clumsiness. They will be quick. I can pick it up again already on Wednesday. I like very much! 🙂

And I will use some flex hours at work in the afternoon to meet a former colleague. I am really looking forward to that.

Life goes on in it’s circle of day after day. I love it.

2015-05-06 18.05.40

Longing for spring. Old mobile photo.



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