Since I was late home from work today because I will be using flex hours tomorrow, I am also late with blogging. I had a lot to do when I got home and I also had to pass by the gas station on my way home to buy some windshield washer liquid. This dirty weather just makes the dirty windshields drink the liquid in one go – slurp and it’s gone. I filled that up and then when I got home I had a light dinner,  laundry, dishes and this and that to finish.

On top of that  I need to fit in wrting two blog entries for tomorrow. I needed a break after I wrote the first one. The break got a bit longer than planned. Now it is midnight! So I hope you will excuse me that this blog entry is a bit short and just rambling. 🙂

Speaking of midnight. One subject of photography that is fascinating to me is the moon. We have had a wonderful full moon the past couple of days. Unfortunately I don’t have the right photo equipment to get good moon photos. Or – more likely – I haven’t figured out how to use the equipment I have to get good moon photos. The biggest problem is that I don’t have a telezoom that can zoom in on the moon. When I use my lenses the moon becomes an overexposed little white unshapely blot in the sky! I think it would work better if the moon was hiding behind some hazy clouds to make it less bright perhaps, but no such luck this time. And it would still be small and blotty!

Anyone reading this that can give me some tips on how to get nice moon shots with a 50 mm lense and a 17-50 mm lense?? Is it possible?

Here is a moon shot from an airplane window, taken with my mobile camera – which makes it even worse! Haha. A tiny half moon blot in the morning light… But it was really beautiful in reality, so the photo helps me remember the sight in my mind. You just have to try to imagine it. 😉

(God I can’t wait until I can get out and take new photos again, instead of having to resort to old ”badder” ones!)


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