2017. Ett lärdomens år. På flera sätt än ett. Ett år som härdade mig. Som utmanade mig. Som utvecklade mig. Jag kommer inte att sakna det. Men jag vill heller inte ha det ogjort. 2018 – Jag har börjat gå! 2017. A year of life lessons. In more ways than one. A year that toughened me. That challenged me. That made me grow. I won’t miss it. But I don’t want it undone either. 2018 – I have started walking! [youtube]
Do you have dreams? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Some dream big, some dream small, but we all have dreams to some extent. It makes us human and it’s beautiful. I have noticed a theme in my dreams, they all have to do with freedom, creativity and nature somehow. I have a bucket list of dreams. Some of them I will realise, and some I won’t be able to realise. I am after all soon 45 years old and many of these dreams are often easier fulfilled when you are about twenty years younger. By that I don’t mean that age should stop you from following your dreams. It’s just the fact that youth makes things easier. But these unfulfilled dreams will give me something to fantasise about. Something to feed my daydreams! And big dreams can be made smaller and manageable, so you still get the experience in some way. […]