As you who read this blog on a at least somewhat regular basis know, I have my favourite place Elfvik as a recurring theme. You’ve heard me gush about it 100 times at least and seen heaps of photos from the place. And you will see plenty more in the future – you bet. No escaping Elfvik in this blog. So be prepared for another Elfvik blog entry right now.

For the very few of you who read this blog not living in Sweden, summer came by over the weekend here which was also a long weekend for most people thanks to the ”squeeze day” on Friday. I think the rest of Europe got a taste of summer this weekend too?

It caught most of us by surprise I think. Just a week ago we were freezing in our winter clothes and it seemed like spring would never come for real.

Anyway back to Elfvik. You can imagine how much I loved my walk and rest on my favourite spot by the water on Saturday. It was surreal to sit there now in just a summer top soaking in the sun and feeling it burn my skin. Listening to the waves hitting the shore and the birds singing in different harmonies from their tree top viewpoints. The last time I sat on this spot, I was in full winter attire and the only thing keeping me a tiny bit warm and fingers from frostbite was my hot tea.

So I thought I’d show you a photo I took on an Elfvik walk this winter of a beautiful weathered gazebo, and the same gazebo from my walk on Saturday.

This winter. (This photo is previously posted in a Swedish entry Ett fönster mot fantasin)

_MG_7376The same window, in a wider angle on hot 7th of May.

I like windows. I like old buildings. I like this aesthetics of buildings that reminds me of early 1900s. So this gazebo really gets my imagination going.

What triggers your imagination?

Bli den första att kommentera! :)

  1. love the photo of the window, the peeling paint… how you have captured the warmth of the day- reminds me of long ago lazy summer days spent by the sea in Dalaro. Unfortunately summer has deserted us here in Wales- again! After a week of beautiful sunshine, the rain came yesterday and has stopped since- but the upside to that is that the garden is practically glowing green! xx

    • The rain and cold will come back here this weekend. We’llhave to keep the memory of the sun and warm days with us through the dull cold!

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