Well, as you will have noticed as a recurring theme this week on the blog – lack of time and photo opportunities have made this blog a little less creative this week and more about everyday stuff.

So consequently I haven’t had a chance to get out with the camera for new photos for this week’s tree theme sadly. Because I LOVE backlight and would like to practise and experiment a lot more with it. So I think I will cheat in some current backlight tree photos maybe next week as an extra ”bonus” if I get a chance to be out when it is actually some light available.

I have dug through my archives to see if I can find any backlit photos that could fit into this theme. I found a decent one from two years ago.


I have one current photo that I took last week in a rare glimpse of sunlight with my mobile phone outside work. It’s a tiny little tree – I don’t even know if it counts as a tree or as a bush.  At first I thought it was leaves glowing like fire backlit from the sun. But when I looked at it in Photoshop it didn’t look like leaves. And it isn’t. It is the flaking bark from the tree that glows in these amazing fiery colours, If only I have had a good camera with me. But sometimes you make do with the camera you have. To capture the moment with a mobile phone is still a better photo than no photo at all. The bark on these trees (or bushes?) is a really beautiful deep reddish brown that catches the sun like this when backlit. In reality it looked amazing! I have already posted a phone-edited-for-instagram-version of this photo on my instagram as you can see on the feed to the right. (@mia7126 – welcome to follow! 🙂 )


I can’t wait to see Jen’s backlit photos! Check her photos on her blog. And take the opportunity to read more of her, she has an amazing artistic talent and makes great sketches to illustrate her entries.

Next week’s theme is really cool! I think Jen with her artistic talent will excel in it. We will create our own bokeh shapes!

Oh and I don’t remember if I have mentioned it in any of the English entries but I will post only one entry per day Thursday and Friday because of work. I don’t have the evenings free so I won’t get a chance to write any entries tomorrow evening for Friday so instead I write this entry for tomorrow and one entry for Friday tonight.

You will have to bare with me this week. Next will be better!

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    • It is actually not leaves – it’s the bark of the tree that is flaking. So cool! 🙂 Too bad I didn’t have a better camera with me… I will try more backlight tree photos, because I think I could do more with backlight nowadays than two years ago.

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