Today I had the most amazing photo walk in my Elfvik paradise. Even though I only took a couple of photos. The sun sparkles in the water inspried me to film instead of taking photos. This film will be up tomorrow. I am teasing a bit! 😉 Building up suspension. Building up expectations. So you are now at the edge of your seats and expect a masterpiece no less. Right?? 😉

But in all honesty it is just a bunch of clips of ”moving photos” so to speak. I like the addition movement gives to a scene that a still photograph can’t convey. I also like how the film media allows you to edit and add music to the scenes. An extra dimension.

I took some lazy snapshots with the mobile phone when I just wanted a quick photo to document the walk. Taking out the camera and prepare it would take too long, too much trouble, for just plain snapshots.

A popular day at Elfvik! I am sitting in the car waiting for someone to leave. I was lucky. I only waited 5 minutes.

Sun-sparkling water. The most beautiful sight I know.

Elfviks gård. A farm, with an antique shop, café and horses. And hens on the loose, walking around.

Blue sky, blue water, yellow grass waiting to be painted in green.

When you walk along the water around Elfvik (and other places in Lidingö) you realise that the Island really is like the first step into the archipelago. Because of the bridge and closeness to central Stockholm one tend to forget that. I feel privileged to live here in my humble little studio apartment. A roof over my head, food on the table, healthy family and friends and beautifiul surroundings. That’s all I need. <3

I finish with some camera shots, teasing the video that will come up tomorrow.



Editing video.

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