I wrote in a post a while ago about how I need to stay focused on the present. Doing that will reduce stress levels and make myself more efficient.

So many things are fighting for attention in my poor brain at the moment. I am trying to prevent too much chaos in my poor little middle-aged head.

One big part of this problem is that I am way too good at thinking and planning ahead. So much that I miss the present and just become scatterbrained instead. Forgetting things, mixing things up. What is up and what is down??  Gah!

Like at work today. It was a day full of one meeting after the other. I realised that part of the time during the meetings I was zoning out – thinking about the next meeting and what I needed to do inbetween the meetings. And inbetween meetings I was focusing on all the things I needed to finish inbetween the meetings and added to the chaos in my mind by thinking and planning on what I need to finish tomorrow. So I ended up doing ten things at the same time! How efficient was that you think? Chaos.

Marie – get a grip already. One. thing. at. the. time.

How hard can it be??


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