This post is kind of a throwback to my photo walk. Also it is kind of a recap of yesterday’s Swedish blog where I wrote about how fortunate I feel to be living so close to nature and countryside, even though I live in a big city. I guess one can call this a throwback entry even to my tribute to Elfvik. 🙂 Hey, why not call this a throw back post to make it simple?

Anyway, to the point. As I said in my Elfvik tribute, the place carries a lot of childhood memories.

One of the favourite things about this place is that there is a stable here with large and vast greenyards for the horses which you pass when you drive here. And if you are lucky, you get to see the horses out and about in those yards, running around, relaxing, eating and having fun. I loved this when I was little. I was always hoping to get to see the horses. I still do. Everytime I go to Elfvik, I still hope the horses will be out with the exact same anticipation. And I was lucky this time! The horses are also very friendly and curious. If you walk up to the fence, they curiously walk up to you and you can talk to them. They just look at you and shake their heads and make a little jump and a little happy grump to you.

I am not good at taking photos of them because they move fast and I don’t have a good lense for it. But I still took some photos of the beauties that came up to greet me! 🙂


If only I had gotten the focus on this one, but he (or she?) JUST started to move as I pushed the button – the second after he was turned the other way… but I love it anyway.


Beautiful face!


Chewing yummy hay!

Amazing animals, aren’t they?

Stick around for the next tree project update here at 2 pm today! 🙂

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