On my photo walk on Sunday in my dear Elfvik, I was out for four and a half hours. It was such a lovely winter day. Clear blue sky with the low and pale yellow wintersun bringing out the sparkles in the snow and in the ice. -10 C with high clear air that filled my lungs with freshness and new energy. Photo walks are the best walks. It makes you really take notice on what is around you because you are looking for possible photo opportunities, and at the same time you get exercise and in winter, that so important spare daylight. A photo walk forces you to be completely present, here and now, both physically and mentally. When you come home, you have the excitement of downloading all the photos you took into the computer and start editing. I can never wait, I am too curious on how the […]
In my journey to practise my eye for the best photos and to improve my ”seeing”, I have started to really taking my time when I try to find a picture. I look at angles, light and shadows. I am not finding it all perfectly yet, but at least I am looking. Before I didn’t know until I got home and downloaded the photos to the computer if it was a good picture or not. I still do, but more often the picture I had in my mind show up on the memory card too. 🙂 So I am hoping that practice will make nearer perfect. I find it rather rewarding to ”really” take in the scene or subject. To actively think of it and how to show it. I am hoping that this is a first step to take better photos. Before I was kind of stuck in the […]