I was planning to get out to take photos for Jen’s and my tree project this evening after I came home from my trip but I got caught up with work so those plans had to go. So for this week’s theme – trees in winter – I go back to old photos. I took a photo on one of my photo walks in the beginning of the year that I have been saving for the tree project for one day it might fit one of our themes. And now I think it fits! 🙂 Especially since winter now is no longer this beautiful. All the snow is long gone and has been exchanged by rain, rain, rain and more than 50 shades of grey.

What do you think?

Setting sun.

Go over to Jen’s blog to see her entry for this week’s theme. Her photos will be more current and I know they will be beautiful! Can’t wait to see her interpretation of trees in winter with her skills with textures and light.

Bli den första att kommentera! :)

  1. oh its really pretty- am SO jealous you got to take snow photos! We have not had a single flake of snow where I live 🙁 There is really nice texture on some of the tree trunks <3

    • I like the contrast between the brownish tree trunks and the almost black and white snowy trees, and the ray of setting sunlight hitting a spot on one of the tree trunks. 🙂

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