I found this Photoshop tutorial on my favourite photography tips youtube channel. He is great. You can watch the tutorial here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGNctntIOx8]

I really love this effect. I think I will have a lot of use for it once I get the hang of it. I tried it on a photo that I have previously posted here on the blog. I like it! I think the effect really conveys my feeling when I took the photo. The magic of nature and how my inner peace and spirituality feed of that magic. Which is also what the entry was about (in Swedish).

Which editing do you prefer?

Original photo

The photo edited with the effect:
Photo: Marie Elmqvist

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    • Yes isn’t it nice? The photo gets a softer and dreamier atmosphere to it. When I learn to use it I hope I will be able to create really nice effects with it! Do you prefer the photo before or after? 🙂

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