Soap bubbles part two! 🙂 This week’s photo project photos of Jen’s and my project. Don’t forget to check her photos out. I am not sure when she will put them up, but bookmark her blog and enjoy her creativity in generell while waiting for the photos :).

I had so much fun with the soap bubble last week that I continued to play with them this week. This time I used my ledlit hearts wall decoration as bokeh and backlight to the soapbubbles and took the photos with underexposed flash to freeze motion in the dark light. I did ok. It was still slight long exposure of parts of a second so I got some interesting effects (I think…) from that too.

I will start with my least favourite photo.I like the bokeh effect and the trails of light from the slightly long exposure. I *think* the flash sets of directly as I take the photo and freezes the bubbles and then the shutter is open a microsecond longer which creates the those light trails from ”sinking” bubbles.


These final two photos I am really pleased with myself. I find it hard to choose which one I like more. I like the bokeh lights and ”simplicity” of the first one. I like the many reflexes and light trails of the second one.



Here it is, the ledlit hearts wall decoration that I love. 🙂 I bought it for christmas but I think it works all year around!


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