A quick hello from work before I start my day.

Even though I don’t think so when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I do love to be early at work when I am here. I am all alone and the office is totally quiet. I love the routine of turning on the computer, put on some tea and then a browse through my social media before I begin my work day. Those ten minutes sort of give me the start I need for a good productive day. And when I start working around 7, the office is still empty and quiet for about another hour. Lovely.

It’s a beautiful morning. The night was cold. Frost covered the roofs and glittered in the grass as I walked to the garage at home. When parking at work the sun had just woken up the ”skilla” (don’t know their English name!) flowers. The glowing morning sunlight is starting to thaw the frostbitten petals. It looked so pretty that I had to take a snapshot with the mobile phone.

Wonderful times right now! But don’t you long for the real spring now? With warm air? Frost in all its glory is all fine and pretty, but I want green trees and bushes and blazing flowerage and a thin spring jacket.

I wish you a happy day. Time to work.

bild 1
What are these flowers called in English?


Bli den första att kommentera! :)

  1. Så vacker blomma! Det finns ju olika sorters Skillor där namnen börjar med ”Scilla” och resten av namnet är något annat beroende på vilken art den tillhör. Jag googlade på namnet och fann att det finns böcker skrivna av engelska författare där de beskriver blomman. Jag tror helt enkelt kort och gott av vad jag har fått fram att samlingsnamnet för denna blomsterart är just Scilla.
    Ha det gott! Kram / Rozie

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