Sleepyhead. That’s me. Again. Yet another evening gone because sleep wins without me even knowing. It’s not fair. I don’t have a chance to fight it, since it just happens. It’s like the body drugs itself. Leaving me all confused when I wake up again at half past one in the middle of the night. Huh? Is it morning? Is it night? Am I asleep? Am I awake? What happened? So I didn’t get to update today’s entries in the blog yesterday. I didn’t get to visit all my wonderful blog ”colleagues” out there. I didn’t get to reply to comments. I didn’t get to edit my little landing video from the flight on Friday. I didn’t get to hang my wet laundry. To sum it up = I didn’t get to do anything. What a waste of hours. Gah. I suppose I should see it as investment in rest […]