I am writing this quick entry from work. I will see if I get to update on schedule today. I came home from work last night a bit late after fixing our stand for today’s company fair for geology, chemistry and energy/environment students at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. But it’s not like it was late in the evening. It was just a bit later than usual. I was home around 6 pm… Even though I had been at work since 7 am it is still nothing to write home about. But of course it is normal to be a bit tired after work. I was. I wanted to relax a bit before I got on with my evening at home so I started the kettle for some tea water and laid on my bed with my iPad while waiting for the water to boil. The next thing I know […]
Yesterday when I arrived at work they had closed down the second big parking area. I had to drive around campus (our office is located at KTH Royal Institute of Technology) to find another place to park the car. Luckily I found one a walk away. Which is fine with me. But two big parking spaces have been closed down because they are building houses there and they don’t have any plans to replace them. So where do all the cars go? The longterm aim for them is a car-free campus. Commendable of course environmentally speaking and all. But… it is not good for me! On top of that, I can’t even drive to the underground and park there because they have made it so that you have to pay congestion tax to park by the underground (EPIC fail!) and then you have to pay for the parking itself AND pay for public […]
Where is winter? Outside the grass is actually green. The leaves have left the trees since long ago – but there is actually green grass in December.  It’s warmer than on Midsummer’s Eve for God’s sake – we’ve had up to 12 degrees! I don’t know which is most weird – warmer than normal in December, or colder than normal in June?? It’s an upside-down world. What is happening to the weather? Am I the only one who find the weirder and weirder weather scary? Something is not right. I also wonder if we have the time to stop the effects of global warming. How many big ”climate meetings” have there been with ”the urgent need to come together to stop the development”, that end up with nothing. Because short-term profit and hunger for power are more important than having a world left to give to our children and their children. And instead of coming together […]